In an Emergency, simply call

1300 722 445

and talk to our friendly operator.

Our Emergency Response Service is available to our clients
24-hours a day, 7 days a week

Giving you confidence and peace of mind that your strata property is always in the best hands.

Once evaluated and assessed as an emergency, you will receive an update from our B Assured Response Team within 30 minutes.
Our main objective is to make your property safe and mitigate any further loss or damage.

Please note: Costs will be incurred by the strata company and/or a lot owner in the event of an emergency that requires a response, a trades person, or a specialist supplier to attend the property.


In relation to your strata complex, urgent maintenance or an emergency is any loss of essential services, or an incident that is immediately potentially hazardous to the health and safety of residents and visitors, or where your property is put at risk of significant or further damage.

If the occurrence can wait until the following business day to be repaired, it should not be treated as a strata emergency.
Please consider that utilising emergency services and suppliers may incur higher costs which will ultimately be reflected in your strata levies.

Be assured that our Emergency Service will ALWAYS be there to support our clients during critical times.

For more information on emergency maintenance and our B ASSURED with B STRATA Emergency Service
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