Why Choose B Strata?
With B Strata you can be confident, supported, wise, maintained, informed, and assured.
We invite you to experience our holistic approach to strata management.
  • We are Strata Management Practice Standard Certified. Find out more
  • WA family owned since 1996
  • 100% strata management focus
  • All your data stored safely within Australia
  • No offshore personnel, all proudly West Australian based
  • Unrivalled corporate leadership team
  • Qualified and accredited staff that are experts in their fields
  • Over 80 combined years of strata and property industry experience
  • Relationships based on open communication, respect and empathy
  • Committed to empowering our clients with strata knowledge
  • Online education videos
  • Hosted owner forums
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  • A building health check and action plan for new clients
  • Embrace, promote and assistance with sustainability initiatives
  • Choose from a large trusted network of suppliers
  • Community collaborating through the B STRATA Community App
  • Owners Portal for self-serve access to all your scheme information
  • Online invoice approval system
  • Virtual meeting and voting platform
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  • 24/7 emergency response team
  • Always there – when it counts!
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