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What do I do in an after-hours emergency? (existing clients)
Who and what is a Strata Company?
What are the Strata Company’s obligations?
Do I have to contribute money to the Strata Company?
Are Strata Company funds audited?
What is B Strata’s Privacy Policy
What is the Strata Council / Council of Owners (COO)?
Where can I go for independent advice?
What does a Strata Manager do?
Can the council of owners change the strata manager?
What steps are involved in changing to B Strata Management?
How can I obtain a copy of the by-laws/strata plan?
Can my selling agent advertise with a For Sale sign outside my unit/on the verge?
Am I allowed a pet?
How do I apply to have a pet?
Can I install an air conditioning unit/satellite dish/shade sail?
Why do I pay levies?
What is a Council of Owners?
If I buy into a strata scheme building do I automatically become part of the Strata Company?
What exactly do I own in a strata scheme?
If I buy into a strata scheme building what are my obligations, apart from costs? What are my rights?
Help, I have an emergency repair.
What is the benefit of having a professional strata manager, rather than self-managing the owners corporation?
Can B Strata manage my complex?
When did the Strata Reforms come into practice?
What are some areas of the reforms which Council of Owner members should be aware of?
What are my duties as a member of Council?
What is the new rate of interest for overdue levies etc?
Can we now have remote meetings?
What happens if only a few people turn up to a meeting?
Do we still have to post out all meeting correspondence?
Do our existing bylaws fall away?
Which of our existing bylaws might have become invalid following Proclamation?
Who is required to have a 10 year maintenance plan?
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