B Strata started out as Bellcourt Strata Management in 1996 when the Strata Titles Act 1985 was first amended, under the directorship of Joan Bellerby and Jacky Courtney, who have both subsequently retired.

Hailing from a diverse property background, Scott Bellerby joined the business in 2014 and in 2020, with the second amendment of the Act proclaimed, B Strata evolved.

Over the last several years our ambition was to become the most educated and professional team in WA.

With a strong desire and determination - we have achieved this goal!!

Hands down, we are industry leaders when it comes to understanding the strata reforms and implementing new processes to accommodate for the changes to the legislation. Saying this, we will not be ‘resting on our laurels’, as we continuously look to find ways to innovate and evolve!

We Listen! We know what you want and expect from your strata manager.

With a focus on empathy and communication, we have restructured our business to ensure our client’s expectations are exceeded.

Decades of experience has led to our belief that Collaboration plus Communication equals Community.

A strong Community delivers on better health outcomes and improved property values.

Our mission is to create harmonious communities.

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