B/est People

The B Strata team are all SCA Members and undertake regular CPD training.

We offer five strata portfolio teams, each headed by a senior strata manager and supported by either a strata manager or support team member.

All strata managers are at least SCA Level 2 accredited.

Our support team members have completed the SCA A100 and are working towards SCA Level 2 accreditation.

All B Strata staff have Police Clearance Certificates and comply with the educational requirements within the new Strata Title (General) Regulations 2019.

Clients will always have continuity of service and the ability to deal directly with the Directors, as well as a senior strata manager and their assistant. Scott Bellerby will be involved from the start, assisting the senior strata manager to bring your scheme on-line and to assure all Owner expectations are being achieved.
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