The LookUpStrata WA Magazine – April 2022
May 5, 2022
We have been featured in the April edition of The WA Strata Magazine. This edition contains exclusively WA strata content, including:
  • Is the lot owner responsible if their visitor damages common property?
  • Can a strata company charge a full 10% penalty on late levies?
  • Remedial Repairs: How owners can regain control
  • Can a Strata Company prohibit pets in a lift?
  • Can co-owners share a position on the council?
  • Is it harsh and unreasonable to ban unsupervised children from the pool?
  • Are strata managers responsible for people who do work on the common property?
  • New WHS Legislation and what that means for volunteers working on common property
  • Can an individual lot owner impose a fee for non-compliant parking on common property?
  • Should we be planning for EV Charging NOW?
  • Creating Community
  • Plus much more...

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