B Strata Commits to Strata Community Association's Respect Pledge, Championing Harmony and Unity in Strata Living
June 26, 2023
B Strata proudly announces its commitment to the Strata Community Association's (SCA) Respect Pledge. Every member of the B Strata team has signed the pledge, demonstrating their dedication to promoting respect and inclusivity within strata communities.

The SCA, a leading authority in the Strata industry, launched the Respect Pledge as part of its Respect Campaign. This initiative aims to foster harmony among strata residents and professionals, promoting positive mindsets and effective communication.

The Respect Pledge outlines key principles, including respect, integrity, empathy, trust, and fairness within strata communities. It emphasizes self-awareness and self-regulation, even in challenging situations.

B Strata's commitment to the Respect Pledge reflects their dedication to creating a more harmonious and respectful environment within strata communities, paving the way for a brighter future where unity prevails.

Join B Strata and take the pledge for a more respectful and harmonious strata living experience. #WeSupportThePledge #RespectForAll

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