Introducing the B STRATA Community App!
August 26, 2021
An innovative strata solution... exclusive to B Strata clients!

The B Strata Community App has been designed to enhance communication and improve operational efficiencies throughout Strata and Community Titled schemes.

The App will significantly increase the efficiency of your strata property operations. The App provides an easy and effortless way to communicate and collaborate with your strata community including the strata council, residents and other lot owners, as well as your strata community manager and other service providers.

It enables you to quickly log strata matters such as maintenance items, peaceful enjoyment issues, move-in requests, facility bookings, access device requests, pet applications and lot alteration requests, allowing you to monitor the progress of your logged item and be kept up to date on all actions taken.

It ultimately promotes better decision making through simplified community collaboration which results in a safer and more vibrant strata community.
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