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Courtney Butters-Kerr
Operations Associate

Courtney is an experienced professional with 8 years of expertise in strata management at B Strata, specializing in Operations and New Scheme Delivery. With a background in Law, Politics, and International Studies, Courtney brings a broader perspective to her role, allowing her to navigate complex situations with finesse and a global outlook. Her educational background complements her operational expertise, enabling her to effectively handle the intricacies of managing new strata schemes.

In addition to her core responsibilities, Courtney plays a vital role in providing training and support to the team. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with colleagues, helping them enhance their skills and achieve their professional goals. Courtney's guidance and support contribute to the overall success and growth of the team.

In recognition of her hard work and commitment to excellence, Courtney was honoured with the prestigious Senior Strata Manager of the Year award by the Strata Community Association (WA) in 2021. This award confirms her dedication to delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations in the field of strata management.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Courtney enjoys spending quality time with her husband and their dog, Hamish. Her creative side shines through in her spare time as she indulges in the joy of making unique and stunning jewellery pieces. This creative outlet allows her to express her artistic flair and craftsmanship.

Courtney is dedicated to providing exceptional service in strata management. Whether it's overseeing operations, implementing new scheme delivery strategies, providing training and support to the team, or offering expert advice on strata governance, financial management, and community relations, Courtney is committed to delivering outstanding results.

With her combined expertise in strata management, operations, and a legal background, Courtney can provide comprehensive guidance to our new schemes.
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