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Melanie Duryea
General Manager

Melanie joined the B Strata senior leadership team in 2020. Prior to this, a good portion of her career was spent with a large WA based manufacturing company. As the Finance Manager, Melanie was responsible for overseeing the accounting and finance division where she played a key role in the delivery of company improvement strategies. She led numerous development initiatives and enhancement projects across multiple areas of the business, contributing to the considerable growth of the organisation.

As a natural change manager with a situational leadership style, Melanie moved into a consulting role where she was able to follow her passion and use her skills and experience. By implementing new processes, systems and strategies, she helps reshape business structures for the greater benefit of the business owner and their people and takes great pride in the provision of support and watching the improvements unfold.

In 2016, Melanie commenced her strata industry journey as co-founder of an innovative strata management business. She joined the Board of SCA WA in July 2019 and was Vice President of SCA WA from 2020 to 2023. Melanie is currently the SCA WA Convener of the Landgate working group, the SCA representative to the Property Industry Advancement Committee, along with being on the SCA WA Professional Reputation Committee and the National SCA Professional Standards & Membership Board Advisory Group, having previously been the Convenor of the SCA WA Education and Professional Development Committee.

Melanie's passion for the strata industry drives her to take a leadership role in shaping the future of B Strata and the broader strata sector, especially as it navigates through a critical period of transformation with the introduction of 2020 WA strata legislation. Her strong leadership skills, coupled with her warm disposition and proactive approach, have earned her respect and admiration within the B Strata team. Melanie's ability to inspire and rally the team around common goals has solidified her position as a key influencer and a valued member of the leadership team, with the unwavering support of her peers.
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