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Melanie Henderson
Business Director

Melanie first joined B Strata in 2002 in administration, where she worked through many roles within the office to gain in-depth strata knowledge; from administration, to strata manager, to office manager. In 2007 Mel moved into an office manager role in a real estate company in the early growth phase and helped to structure the organisation to grow exponentially. Four years into the role Mel took a break from her career to raise a family and chose this time to complete a Masters in Business Administration at Curtin University. The MBA with Curtin is a very practical based course, and it allowed Mel to stay in touch with the latest business knowledge, and work with likeminded peers across various industries in Western Australia.

Since 2018 Mel has been an integral part of the senior leadership team at B Strata. Mel brings to the team not only her sound business knowledge, but also her calm leadership style and ability to keep a cool head no matter how big the challenge she is tasked with. She supports each member of the B Strata team in a style tailored to suit their personality and individual career goals, bringing out potential in each one. Her intuitive approach to staff management has led to a unified office which continues to operate from core family business values despite exponential growth over the past few years. These values are most apparent in our healthy team culture; where change and new members are welcomed, help is readily given, and knowledge is shared willingly and openly under Mel’s leadership. Mel has particular interest in business improvement, change implementation and technology, and has been instrumental in ensuring that B Strata is continually evolving and adapting as a business.
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