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Samantha Lee
Assistant Strata Community Manager

Samantha joined the B Strata team in April 2023, bringing her dedication and diverse background to the role. With previous experience in policy and bylaw at the City of Canning, she gained invaluable expertise in managing regulations and meeting the needs of diverse communities.

Samantha excels in problem-solving and remains composed in challenging situations, earning her a reputation for exceptional performance. Her commitment to client support and proven track record of success makes her a highly regarded professional. Samantha is excited to take on new challenges and continue her learning journey in strata management, actively pursuing her A100 SCA certification to enhance her knowledge in the field.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Samantha has obtained a Certificate IV in Fitness, showcasing her commitment to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She enjoys working out and staying active during her spare time. Samantha's adventurous spirit extends to her love for travel and embracing new opportunities. She has even explored thrilling activities like canyoning, adding excitement and variety to her life.
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